Monday, 2 April 2007

Who uses MySQL?

This text is especially for folks who belive in Oracle/DB2/SQL_Server_XXXX and typically have some idea of MySQL like "maybe it works, but it is not real database", "you get what you pay for", "i used MySQL 3.x but it lacks foreign keys". Et cetera.

Is using MySQL for its AdWords/AdSense system. As some xooglers sed they tried to migrate to some "real database" but after problems with speed and efficiency they come back to MySQL.
"People often ask - do you use Oracle? No, we use MySQL!" - sed Greg Badros at his explanation of Google Ads during Academic Computer Science Festival in Krakow, PL, March 2007.

is using MySQL for Yahoo Finance.

Cox Communications, (4th largest cable tv in USA)
is using MySQL for their data warehouses.

Sabre Holdings (travel/ticket systems)
is using MySQL for their online travel searches

Lycos Europe, myspace, Orbitz, neckermann, Zdnet... all those companies are using MySQL.

Every day on many, many pages you can see google ads. They are powered by MySQL. As you can see - they works. Imagine how many requests get these ads-databases every minute, every second...?

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