Thursday, 17 January 2008

My photo-CV /yeap, I am looking for a new job/

I used to work hard, in a stress and time-critical environment - it is always a challenge for me.

I like to work with others - to cooperate to solve complex problems! IT world is too complicated to go thorough really alone. RTFMs, lists, IRC, friends...

It is very practical to document my work...

... but it is even better to share my knowledge with other people! /last yapc::eu 2007, vienna/

It is not so easy to optimize code and databases, to make it better, faster, more efficient and reliable - better for users... but it just need to be done /all those apache/mod_rewrite/squid/non-forking-light-servers approaches.../

having my workplace and codebase really nice is also a pleasure to dig more /cvs, subversion, good directory layout, getting best of all /etc/*, .ssh/.rc files/

simplicity of architecture & design, good ERM models and libraries can give project a real power! /from 2NF, 3NF to fast ETL tools and database tuning/

As a good developer, I always try to learn something new and get more from my work /enjoy safaribooksonline, free sources, books to do what need to be done the best way/

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