Tuesday, 4 September 2007

YAPC::Europe 2007 in Vienna

Larry Wall, Damian Conway, many great perl hackers, interesting events, all in one place in one time.

It was my first YAPC and also first YAPC talk (slides from Catalyst refactoring are with others from this yapc on slideshare - also check perlbuzz.com) and Bartosz Jakubski's YAPC::EU 2007 photos.

However more interesting was to see in real life how this OS world works, met many interesting people from the perl community. There is probably nothing more interesting than long talks about POE, Catalyst and other kinda-like-app-servers or any other stuff during evenings near the Dunau Kanal and in other nice places in Vienna.

Huh, many words to say how great and cool was this YAPC!!!

PS: I will try to remember difference between Dbix and (Dbic or Dbix::Class) at least to avoid bot activation on #catalyst /and mst should also be happy ;)

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